The Ladders to Success will be Reopened

Collusion between government and influential business resulted in many pathways to success being walled off and gated. Today, to succeed, you will have to appeal to one of these gatekeepers, follow their rules, and succeed on their terms. This harms innovation and degrades the ability of people to lift themselves up into success. Society keeps telling us the path to success is simply to work hard and come up with a valuable idea: Unfortunately the reality is not so simple. Society has been distorted to such a degree that you will be blocked and hampered at every turn when pursuing real innovation. If you somehow manage to carve out a chunk of success despite all of the roadblocks, your profits will be bled out as government increases regulation and taxes year after year. But this is all about to change.


The Collapse

If you have made it this far chances are you have a good idea of what is coming; economic collapse. This will be an incredibly difficult time for America, and we will likely come out of it much worse off as a country. But that doesn’t mean good things can’t come from hardship. This economic collapse will have the effect of destroying or making irrelevant many of the policies and players that block your access to opportunity. That means the gates will be rapidly flung open. If you are an entrepreneur starving for the chance to make your mark on the world, you will soon get your chance. It is up to us how we handle this coming crises. We can let it destroy our spirit, or leverage it as our chance to rebuild infrastructure through the freedom to innovate.

Find Your Opportunity 

We recommend everyone build basic skills of a warrior or soldier and then focus on at least one other area.


Everyone can build the basic skills of a soldier like physical fitness, mental toughness, marksmanship, and battle drills. In volatile times these skills can benefit almost everyone. Hopefully you will never have to put them to use, but being able to employ basic offensive and defensivwe tactics is a must if a world filled with crime, corruption and war.


Being an engineer doesn’t require advanced degrees anymore, just a passion for building things. Learn coding, mechanics, materials science, and apply those skills to build useful things.


People need to eat and the existing highly industrialized and centralized farming system is fragile and subject to disruption. Work on small-scale farming operations and grow food for yourself, your family and your community.


Build and maintain building, houses and all the systems that make them run. This involves a wide variety of skills from carpentry to plumbing. Explore alternative building techniques too like rammed earth, earthbag, shipping container homes and more.


Provide preventive care and treatment. The existing medical establishment in failing and renegade health care providers are building alternative care models with great results.


Provide commentary, analysis, theoritical frameworks, strategies and critics. We need people who can make sense of the world and link ideas to concrete actions.