Build Fortresses of Freedom

Free people need to unite and build communities that support and generate liberty. For many of us that means we will have to contemplate relocating. That means a new home, new friends, a new job and a new lifestyle. This is a radical change for many, but it is a necessary sacrifice to build alliances with like minds and position ourselves to help each other.

We’re working on tools to make it easier to find existing communities or good locations to establish new ones. Stay tuned!

Annoy Your Friends and Family for Us

We need your help reaching liberty-minded people! Tell your friends about us. Share what we post and our site on social media. Do what you can to bring more people into the project.

Build Infrastructure

Defensible liberty requires decoupling from state-backed infrastructure. That means we need to start creating and rolling out community-based alternatives for almost everything. We need to start solving issues for ourselves, not relying on government to solve those issues for us. That path leads to freedom, and shows that motivated people can outcompete government. Interested in building infrastructure, contact us!