The Eight Strategies

We are all wondering what to do next. We see the dysfunction, we see the collapse before our eyes, but what do we do about it? These are the five general strategies for the future:

Submit to Authority

Authoritarians are taking control of our institutions and forcing their will on the rest of the population. Resisting them will take tremendous effort and bravery. Not everyone is cut out for it. Most will choose safety and security over fighting the hard fight for freedom.


Fight Within the System

Many have expressed the need to fight within the system. This was a good idea 30 years ago, and people like Ron Paul and others tried, and failed: But now it is too late. Our system is rigged and it will crush any opponent who tried to dismantle it. Worse, even if you could find a way to win back control, then what? Do you get the right in control and alienate the left. There’s no path here for freedom to prevail. The system is illegitimate and we should not pretend otherwise by participating in it.


Remove the Authority

Removing corrupt leaders by force… This is another bad idea. First it would be an ugly victory requiring violence to accomplish. If you prevail, you’d face tremendous backlash. To keep order crackdowns on dissidents would follow and conditions would deteriorate even more. Trying to take over the system by force simply replaces one illegitimate authority with another. This is not a path to liberty.



Get out while you still can. Move to a developing nation like India, South America, possibly even parts of Africa. These places have the best chance of coming out a head after a global financial collapse. Asian countries will be challenged by China and former-Soviet block countries will face threats from Russia. The Middle East will remain a hotbed of disruption. Europe, North America and Australia will suffer greatly from the coming economic collapse.


Marginalize and Build

This is how you fight for freedom here in America. The system is illegitimate so let’s drop the veil. Marginalize the corrupt institutions and treat them with the contempt they deserve. Build communities in areas that are resistant to authoritarians. Develop alternative infrastructure. Grow in power and influence. Recruit others who value freedom, and out-compete the government.

Balkanization is critical here. A divided nation is harder to control and harder to conquer. We see cracks already forming. Some want to keep America united, but that is a foolish idea. Divided we stand a better chance of building pro-freedom places in America, and successfully fight off future attempts by authoritarians to take control. Let the people who want to be ruled over, be ruled and let the people who want to be free, be free. This can only happen if America breaks into pieces and we carry the legacy of America forward.


Hide and Subvert

Keep your head down. Try not to make yourself a target and do everything possible to subvert authoritarian rule. This is the best option is strategy number 5 (marginalize and build) fails. It’s not ideal, but it is a good contingency. 



Authoritarian policy designs will fail, especially in the fragile economies of the developed world. Rather than fight them, accelerate the decline by one-upping the authoritarians with more radical policies. This will bring about economic collapse sooner and undermine the elite’s attempt to implement their plans.


Human Continuity

Every man for himself. Do whatever it takes to survive. Humanity must continue forward. This is an emergency strategy if all else fails.


Most People Don’t Want Liberty….

…they want safety. When food shortages begin because the supply chains are challenged, will most people rally together as a community and try to find a way to grow more food, or will they scream for someone to come and save them? When the government comes to your neighbor’s door and arrests them for speaking out, will you challenge the government, or keep your mouth shut?

Standing up for liberty is going to become very difficult in the near future. Few will do it. Few are built that way. If you are one of the few, you are in good company here. We need to work together and leverage our talents to build fortresses of freedom that are resistant to tyranny.


What’s Coming Next

We’re going to see an increase in both rhetoric and action against the enemies of the government. This includes Trump supporters, the alt-right, conservatives, republicans, libertarians, independents and even liberals that challenge this new religion disguised as progress.

Financial institutions appear to be the next major battleground. Banks will drop more and more customers, especially businesses that don’t yield to wokeism. Gun rights and free speech laws will be assaulted from every angle. What they can’t ban they will try to tax and penalize out of existence.

Lockdowns will become a new normal as Governors will be willing to enact more lockdowns for all kinds of capricious reasons. Many more will be imprisoned and railroaded under our corrupt criminal justice system.

The good news is it won’t last long, the bad news is, it can get much worse. Financial collapse is coming. This will not be a recession or a depression. We are facing an urgent threat of hyperinflation. You money will become worthless. You retirement savings, cash in the your bank account, stock holding, will no longer have value.

We are the most hyperspecialized country in the history of the planet, and we rely heavily on imported finished goods and materials to drive our economy. That will break down as the dollar collapses. What follows will be a period of anger, hunger, disease and violence, The establishment politicians will be thrown out, that’s if they aren’t smart enough to flee the country.

A purge will begin. Anger over the collapse will be directed at politicians, advisers and the rich.

When the dust clears we will be left in shambles: A nation of weak people betrayed by the leaders they entrusted with their livelihoods. There will be a tremendous power vacuum and corrupt opportunists will scramble to fill it.

Next America will elect a new brand of authoritarianism, one that promises to right the wrongs of the previous regime and make them pay. This new authoritarianism will shred the Constitution openly, and many will cheer its destruction. 

A Hero?

Everybody is waiting for a hero to come and save them. We want a hero to unite us. A hero to shelter the homeless. A hero to heal the sick. A hero to bring peace to our war-loving leaders. That moment will not come. We have forgotten the foundation of America: You are supposed to be the the hero. 

  • You are not supposed to be the oppressed.
  • You are not supposed to be the underclass.
  • You are not supposed to be the victim.
  • You are not supposed to be weak.

We accept these roles that our culture tells us to. We are brainwashed by a weak society, a society that tells us to be compliant and follow the rules. Stop it! Choose to be strong. Be the hero. It is a choice. It is your choice. You can choose to be weak, to give up responsibility for your destiny or you can choose to take the future into your hands.

We have lost our sense of responsibility and replaced it with entitlement. We are entitled to post what we want on Twitter and Facebook. We are entitled to health care. We are entitled to a living wage. We are entitled to shelter. We are entitled to all of these things. And it is tempting to think this is a fair exchange. We pay taxes and give up freedom for services from the government. The problem is, a society full of citizens who give up their responsibility is society that is no longer able to keep the government in line. It is a society of victims, and there are many predators on the prowl. Soon the corrupt take the reins and plunder the people, unchecked because too few have the courage to challenge them. This is the trap we have fallen into. We have sold our responsibility under the mistaken belief it will lead to better outcomes for all, but instead it is bringing us great turmoil and dropping our quality of life.

If you choose to be strong, then you’ll see that the only viable path is the path forward and away from this mess. Let us choose to not wallow in the failures of our government or wait for a non-existent hero to save us. We can be our own heroes. We can solve our own problems. We can build our own society, built on cooperation and mutual respect. We do not have to be helpless pawns in someone else’s game.

Make your choice.

Make Government Obsolete

Government is only as legitimate as you believe it to be. Once you decide that government is illegitimate, you are faced with the eternal question of what now?

How can liberty win against a world that is too scared to pursue it? Simple, we outcompete government. Very few times in history have people been presented with an opportunity to launch a new nation. That opportunity is upon us. We can make a nation, founded on the ideals of freedom, and build a cooperative society on this basis. It will be tough and we will face opposition from many sides; but if we are successful we will serve as a beacon in the darkness to people around the world!

What must be clear is we have no interest in destroying the societies and governments others have built: That is not our right. We are peaceful warriors who will defend freedom, but we will not force our ideals upon anyone who doesn’t want it. That is the only moral stance. We expose government as inefficient, ineffective and oftentimes brutal, by living and defending the alternative: Liberty.


A Solution For All

The only solution for opposing viewpoints on governance is to allow freedom for people to explore governance like we explore distant planets and the depths of the oceans. Some experiments will flourish, some will languish, and some will fail. That is the cost of exploration.

You have no right to force me to live under your rule, but neither do I. How do we find freedom in a country full of people with opposing ideologies, many of whom think they have a moral imperative to shove their ideals down your throat? The only way forward is to divide the nation and draw out new territories. Give different groups the latitude to live under the government they want. We cannot do this as a united nation. And in fact a united nation would be a gift to the authoritarians who will come into power in the future. If we, the freedom-loving people, recognize we are outnumbered by those who want big government to solve their problems, we need to fracture the country and carve out places for freedom to flourish.